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Telecom Products
  sDAS HEU-1/3_01
  sDAS HEU-2/4_01
  sDAS HEU-PS7_01
  sDAS RAU-1/3_01
  sDAS RAU-2/4_01
  sDAS RAU-PS7_01
  Digital MSB Repeater
DAS Accessories
  Power Divider
  Outdoor AP/Bridge
  2.4GHz 802.11n PCBA
  DM TW-2201
  AiDC+ Integrated MMDS Downconverter
  SIDC Super Integrated MMDS Downconverter
MMDS Transceiver
  PLC-200 2.5 GHz Integrated CPE Transmitter
  TRX-200 In-band MMDS Transceiver
  TRX-220 In-band MMDS Tranceiver
MMDS Antenna
  TAC-A12 Corner Reflector
  TAS-A15 Spotbeam
  TAV-A17 Viper Antenna
  TAM-A19 Parabolic Mesh Antenna
  TAM-A21 Parabolic Mesh Antenna
  TAM-A25 Parabolic Mesh Antenna
MMDS Accessories
  Switching Power Supply with DC Inserter (EU)
  Switching Power Supply with DC Inserter (US)
  WiMAX Outdoor Base Station
  WiMAX Outdoor CPE
sDAS HEU-1/3_01

sDAS series is a fiber Distribution Antenna System. The sDAS offers the industry leading and most innovative technology to help mobile operator extend the RF signal coverage into any indoor/outdoor environment from small to large scale. Indoor /outdoor coverage network becomes a manageable services and a new business model.

The sDAS system includes the HEU and RAU. The HEU can take RF signal from any source like Macro/Pico/Repeater/Small Cell and distribute the signal to RAUs in different locations via the single fiber. Each HEU can convert and distribute the RF signal to max. six RAUs to 5km distance. Both star and daisy chain topology are supported

Key Features: Applications:
• Distribute the LTE signal via a fiber network
• Source/Technology independent
• Star & Daisy chain hybrid topology
• Optics/RF Auto-calibration
• Multi-operator
• RoHS compliant
• Indoor coverage
• Tunnel coverage
• Rural area signal extension
• Shadow area signal enhancement
Category Parameter Description
RF Interface RF Interface N Type Female x 2
RF1 Uplink: 1920 ~ 1980MHz
Downlink: 2110 ~ 2170MHz
RF2 Uplink: 1710 ~ 1785MHz
Downlink : 1805 ~ 1880MHz
Input Power Range +10 ~ +30 dBm per port
Power Overload Protection Shut down downlink path when RF input power > +35dBm per port
Input Return Loss 14dB
Fiber Interface Fiber Connector SC/APC x 2, each fiber interface supports up to 3ea RAUs in daisy chain configuration
Wavelength Downlink : 1550nm Uplink : 1310nm
Laser O/P Power 5.5dBm typical. 4dBm minimum
Optical RX Sensitivity -8.5dBm
Power Control and Monitoring Interface 10/100 BaseT, RJ45 connector
Power Input 802.3at
DC Input Range +36 ~ +58 VDC
Power Consumption 12W
Environmental Operating Temp Range 0 ~ +45 ℃
Dimensions & Weight Dimensions 218 (L) x 146(W) x 42(H) mm
Weight 1.4 Kg
Mounting   Standard 1U rack mount interface
HEU LED Color Description
Power Green Power on
Red HEU system DC abnormal
HEU Green Normal mode
Flash Green

1. Calibration mode, or

2. Environment sensing mode, or

3. Firmware upgrade

Red Failure alarm
RF1/RF2 Green RF signal detected
Dark No RF signal
RAU1/2/3 Green RAU has been provisioned and calibrated
Flash Green RAU has been provisioned but is standby for calibration or under diagnostic test or firmware upgrade
Red RAU connection failed after provisioned
Dark RAU doesn’t provision yet
Type Version Description Date
Data Sheet 1.0 sDAS HEU Data Sheet 2017-10-17
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