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TRX-220 In-band MMDS Tranceiver

TRX-220 transceiver for 2-way wireless broadband Internet application operates at the 2500-2602 MHz band for downstream transmission. It accepts an IF signal of 23~65 MHz from cable modem, upconverts the signal to 2644~2686MHz and transmits it back to the MMDS headend site.

With its built-in automatic on/off switch, TRX-220 will enter sleep mode to eliminate broadband noise when there is no data packet transmission. Without exception, TRX-220 embodies the long term stability and reliability common to all TSI products.

With the integrated downconverter and upconverter, TRX-220 provides the best cost / performance solution for your 2-way MMDS operation.

Key Features: Applications:
• QPSK, 16 QAM Transmission Compatible
• 256QAM Reception Compatible
• Automatic On/Off switch
• Up to 50km cell coverage
• Integrated dipole
• Easy installation with mesh antenna
• Low phase noise
• High frequency stability
• Low power consumption
• Meets FCC spectral mask requirement
• RoHS compliant
• MMDS CPE Internet Access
Category Parameter Description
Downstream RF frequency 2500 ~ 2602 MHz
IF frequency 222 ~ 324 MHz
Gain 18±2dB
0.3 dB/6 MHz
Noise Figure 7.5 dB typ / 9.0 dB max
Output 3rd Intercept 24 dBm
PCS Rejection > 90 dB
2.3G WCS Rejection > 70 dB
Image Rejection (add gain) > 90 dB
IF Rejection > 85 dB
In-band Spurious < -80 dBm
Upstream IF Input 23 ~ 65 MHz
RF Output 2644 ~ 2686 MHz
Gain 24 ±3 dB
Output 1-dB Compression Point +24 dBm typical
Output Transmit Noise -122 dBm/Hz typical
Output Spurious
@+22 dBm Tx output
-60 dBc ( in-band and out-band )
Output Power Blanking Threshold -40 dBm @ IF input
TX Switch Latency ?1.2 micro second
LO Phase Noise -85dBc/Hz @ 1KHz
-93 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz
-98 dBc/Hz @ 100 KHz
LO Leakage at RF / IF ports -50 dBm Max.
LO Frequency 2278 MHz
LO Stability ±10 KHz over temp.
Interface RF Impedance 50 ohm
RF Connector Integrated Dipole
IF Impedance 75 ohm
IF Connector F-type Female
Input / Output VSWR 2.5 : 1
Power Supply Voltage +15 to +24 VDC
Power Consumption 7 Watt max.
Environment Temperature -30°C ~ +60°C
Humidity 100% waterproof
Physical Dimension Dimension 163 x 150 x 88 mm
Accessories Options Antenna Corner Reflector (12dBi)
Spotbeam (15dBi)
Viper (17 dBi )
Power Supply Full Range Adapter & Inserter
Type Version Description Date
Flyer Rev:1.0 2010-03-08
Installation Manual C Two way Transceiver 2010-05-20
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