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TRX-200 In-band MMDS Transceiver

TRX-200 is TSI's new generation transceiver for 2-way wireless broadband Internet application at 2572-2690 MHz band for down stream. It accepts an IF signal of 12~42 MHz from cable modem, upconverts the signal to 2500~2530MHz and transmits it back to the MMDS headend site.

With its built-in automatic on/off switch, TRX-200 will enter sleep mode to eliminate broadband noise when there is no data packet transmission. Without exception, TRX-200 embodies the long term stability and reliability common to all TSI products.

Together with the integrated downconverter and upconverter, TRX-200 provides the best cost / performance solution for your 2-way MMDS operation.

Key Features: Applications:
•QPSK, 16 QAM Transimission Compatible
•256QAM Digital-Ready
•Automatic On/Off switch
•Up to 50km cell coverage
•Integrated dipole
•Easy installation with mesh antenna
•Low phase noise
•High frequency stability
•Low power consumption
•Meets FCC spectral mask requirement
•RoHS compliant
•MMDS CPE Internet Access
Category Parameter Description
Downstream RF frequency 2572 ~ 2690 MHz
IF frequency 294 ~ 412 MHz
Gain 30∓2dB
0.3 dB/6 MHz
Noise Figure 4.0 dB typ / 5.5 dB max
Output 3rd Intercept 24 dBm
PCS Rejection > 90 dB
2.3G WCS Rejection > 90 dB
Image Rejection (add gain) > 80 dB
IF Rejection > 80 dB
In-band Spurious < -80 dBm
Upstream IF Input 12 ~ 42 MHz
RF Output 2500 ~ 2530 MHz
Gain 24 ∓2 dB
Output 1-dB Compression Point +25 dBm typical
Output Transmit Noise -120 dBm/Hz typical
-118 dBm/Hz max
Output Spurious
@+22 dBm Tx output
-60 dBc ( in-band and out-band )
Output Power Blanking Threshold -45 dBm @ IF input
TX Switch Latency < 1.2 micro second
LO Phase Noise -84dBc/Hz @ 1KHz
-88 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz
-96 dBc/Hz @ 100 KHz
LO Leakage at RF / IF ports -50 dBm Max.
LO Frequency Downstream : 2278 MHz
Upstream : 2488MHz
LO Stability ∓10 KHz over temp.
Interface RF Impedance 50 ohm
RF Connector Integrated Dipole or N-type Female
IF Impedance 75 ohm
IF Connector F-type Female
Input / Output VSWR 2.5 : 1
Power Supply Voltage +15 to +24 VDC
Power Consumption 8 Watt max.
Environment Temperature -30℃ ~ +60℃
Humidity 100% waterproof
Physical Dimension Dimension 163 x 150 x 88 mm
Accessories Options Antenna Corner Reflector (12dBi)
Spotbeam (15dBi)
Viper ( 17 dBi )
Power Supply Full Range Adapter & Inserter
Ordering Information TRX-200 With integrated dipole
TRX-200N With N-type connector
Type Version Description Date
Installation Manual C Two way Transceiver 2010-06-02
Flyer rev 1.2 TRX-200 0000-00-00
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