sDAS RAU (Remote Access Unit)

sDAS series is TSI’s fiber Distributed Antenna System. A sDAS system includes the HEU and couple RAUs that can be daisy-chained up to 6pcs. TSI sDAS can provide either dual band SISO or single band MIMO to deploy the signal up to four different carriers. One RAU can cover 16,000 sq. ft (1,500 sq. meters).    With build-in antenna or N-type connector, the coverage can be easily adapted to any space. Using mounting bracket, we can easily install the RUA on ceiling, pole or to the wall.


Product Model

sDAS RAU-1/3_01

sDAS RAU-1/3_01


sDAS RAU-01_01

sDAS RAU-01_01




Radio Interface

Frequency Range

Refer to Table RAU

Omni Antenna Gain

4dBi frequency > 1700MHz
0dBi frequency < 1000MHz

Panel Antenna Gain

9dBi *only available for frequency > 1700MHz

NC type (optional)

N type (F) connector x 2

Downlink Output Power

FDD : +12 ~ +18 dBm per port, 1dB/step.
+18 dBm per port power supports 64QAM 5/6 OFDM at 4% EVM
TDD : +14 ~ +20dBm per port, 1dB/step.
+20 dBm per port power supports 64QAM 5/6 OFDM at 4% EVM

Uplink Noise Figure

6dB max. at max. UL gain

Fiber Interface

Fiber Connector

SC/APC x 2

Built-in Optical Tapper

Tapped 20%, Through 80%

Wavelength Allocation

Downlink : 1550nm , Uplink : 1310nm

Laser O/P Power

-1dBm typical, -2.5dBm minimum

Optical RX Sensitivity


Power Supply

Power input

802.3at – B type Compatible

DC Input Range

+36 ~ +58 V DC

Power Consumption

20W Max.


Operating Temp Range

0 ~ +45 ℃

Dimensions & Weight


230 (L) x 142 (W) x 80 (H) mm


1.4 Kg


Wall Mount or Pole Mount

System Function and Features

Initialization and Configuration

RF Power & Frequency

Based on BTS input power level set optimal HEU RF operating point

RAU Serial Number

S/N display on GUI after RAU topology set

Fiber Connection Loss

Display on GUI after RAU topology set

Downlink Path Diagnosis & Calibration

RAU output power default: +18dBm per port, +21dBm total

Uplink Path Calibration

Default: 0dB gain from RAU antenna port to HEU RF port

Normal Operation Mode

RAU Link Parameter Monitoring

Downlink output power : aggregated total power
Fiber loss display

HEU Link Parameter Monitoring

RF1/RF2, D/L input power level from BS,15MHz bandwidth for each selectable channel, center frequency 5 MHz/step








GreenPower on
RedRAU system DC abnormal


GreenRAU has been provisioned and calibrated
Flash GreenRAU has been provisioned but is standby for calibration or under diagnostic test or firmware upgrade
DarkLow optical power

Table RAU

OA : OMNI antenna , PA : Panel antenna, NC : N-type connector

Model No.



Frequency (MHz)

Duplex Mode

RAU-01_01OA,PA,NC1UL1920 ~ 1980FDD
DL2110 ~ 2170
RAU-02_012UL1850 ~ 1910
DL1930 ~ 1990
RAU-03_013UL1710 ~ 1785
DL1805 ~ 1880
RAU-04_014UL1710 ~ 1755
DL2110 ~ 2155
RAU-17_0117UL704 ~ 716
DL734 ~ 746
RAU-28_0128UL703 ~ 748
DL758 ~ 803
RAU-40_01402300 ~ 2400TDD
RAU-41_01412496 ~ 2690


DownloadsDASRAU Dual Band B1/B3 (RAU-1/3_01)v1.02017-10-17
DownloadsDASRAU Dual Band B2/B4 (RAU-2/4_01)v1.02017-10-17
DownloadsDASRAU Public Safety PS700 (RAU-PS7_01)v1.02017-10-19
DownloadsDASsDAS Installation Guidev0.32017-03-13